This was definitely not the weekend to restart my program of waking up at 7 AM no matter what

All last year, my policy was to wake up at 7 AM, even on weekend days when I’ve stayed up until 3 AM, because that’s just the best way to build a self-correcting sleep schedule. Basically, this schedule is the opposite of a typical schedule (where you get more sleep on weekends and less on weekdays). On the “wake at 7 AM no matter what” schedule, you get less sleep on weekends and more sleep on weekdays. The advantage to this schedule is that if you’re waking up at the same time every day, it’s easier to wake up and easier to fall asleep. However, I let the schedule lapse a bit over the summer (I was waking up at 9 AM on most days and sleeping in on some days). Today I decided to restart the schedule. A poor decision. Our housewarming party just ended. It’s 3 AM. Oh god.

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