Getting way too much comment spam, so I made a few changes

From now on, comments will be closed on article older than 14 days and all comments by people who’ve never commented before will be held for moderation. It’s weird, for five years WordPress’ comment system flagged almost all the spam that I got. Maybe one or two spam comments slipped through every month. But now stuff gets through all the time (although maybe 95% of it still gets successfully flagged). I don’t know. Perhaps the sheer volume of spam comments has simply gone up. In any case, it’s odd to realize that spam is still a think. Gmail is so successful at flagging spam that in my personal inbox that I’d forgotten how ubiquitous and overwhelming it can be.

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  1. whatsthefracas

    Or you can just go my route and shut down all comments because someone did not understand my sense of humor. I am spam-free and loving it!

    1. R. H. Kanakia

      I like the comments, though. I rarely get a negative, too.