No one, not even me, reads blogs on Sunday

Which is why I am going to use it to announce silly little stuff like:

  • I finished another round of revisions on This Beautiful Fever! Out it goes, back into the world. This time the requested edits were much smaller than last time (and they weren't too huge last time, either), so at least it's getting closer to being out. I am super excited for this book to be on submission! You know, I never hear any other authors talk about their books going on submission? Is this the kind of thing you're not supposed to talk about? Is there some kind of taboo here?
  • I'm not sure what I should do next. I can either:
    1.  write a new story so I have something for my MFA workshop (since I'll likely be the first person who is workshopped)
    2. finish revising Enter Title Here (which used to be called Study Machines) so I can send it out to the various people I've asked to read it
    3. revise some of my short stories, since I have so few fresh stories to submit and so many completed stories sitting on my hard-drive, waiting to be revised and sent out
  • So many decisions. I think that I probably won't do (1) since it's hard to get excited about creating new work when stuff you wrote a year ago is still waiting to be revised and sent out. I am kind of tempted to do (2) since that has the best cost/benefit ratio and since it's so hard to do sustained work during the semester. But I also might just end up doing (3) since I am about to head to Sewanee (on Tuesday!) and I imagine that the conference is going to fracture my attention.
  • Oh yeah! I am going to Sewanee! That is going to be super exciting.

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