Just got back from the first day of Nebula Awards Weekend (or maybe it’s the second day)

It was good. Kind of weird to be at a mostly-professional convention. Aside from the autograph session, there were no fans in site. Most everyone was pretty much my colleague. And it did, to some extent, do what it said on the label: I talked with people about agent stuff and book deal stuff and all kinds of stuff that's a little bit beyond "What are editors looking for" and "How can I make my story jump out of the slush pile." It was also much less awkward than I normally feel at a convention. Still a little awkward, but, you know. I imagine that once I've gone to three or four more of these, I'll feel even more tapped-in. Or maybe I'll be totally over it =)

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  1. LillianC says:

    Hi! I was at the Nebulas too! Sorry we didn’t cross paths.Will you be at BayCon?

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