For me, a road trip is usually an inward journey

Well, I got here! I am exhausted. But I also had a really exhilarating five day drive. I got a lot of great thinking done. Whenever I drive cross-country,  people always tell me to take it easy and maybe see something along the way (or they tell me to try to do it in three days, which is just insane). But I don’t know how people do that. I always get so zoned into the highway that stopping feels out of the question. The closest I came to a sight-seeing stop on this trip was taking fifteen minutes, at a highway rest stop, to stand on Utah’s Bonneville Salt Falts (they were awesome–you’re basically standing on a sea of death. There are dessicated insects all over the top of it).

The thinking that I do while driving is utterly unlike any of the thinking that I do in the rest of my life. I think maybe it’s because driving is utterly unlike anything else I do. It’s basically sitting down for eight hours and staring straight ahead. But you can’t fully zone out because you need to maintain the minimal concentration needed to avoid hitting something. It’s a bit like the thinking that I do when walking, I guess, but I never walk for a whole day.

Anyway, I thought about my life and all kinds of other things (like the edits that I want to make to This Beautiful Fever). But mostly my life. Good times.

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