Some Awards Season Mentions for “What Everyone Remembers”

Normally I don’t post links to reviews of my work, since I figure that you’re all capable of reading it and forming your own opinions, but I did want to note that my short story, “What Everyone Remembers,” has popped up in a few end-of-year summaries now that the nominations period for the Nebula* award has opened.

I’m glad that the story is coming back into view, especially since it appeared wayyy back at the beginning of the year and could easily have been forgotten.

*The Nebula Award is given annually to the best novel, novella, novelette, short story, and YA novel published in that year (as voted upon by the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America).

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  1. sunscald

    Whoa! I hadn’t seen Helena Bell’s list yet. Thanks for posting this. Her “Robot” IS terrific (as is “What Everyone Remembers”…I want to teach it in my SF class next semester, actually). So happy to see these stories getting buzz, and congrats!