Sold stories to Futuredaze and Nameless

Now that the Table of Contents has been released, I suppose it’s alright to mention that I sold my short story, “Another Prison,” to Futuredaze, which is an anthology of YA science fiction stories (yes, another one). The anthology also feature stories by Jack McDevitt, Sandra McDonald, Lavie Tidhar, and Greg Frost (as well as Alex J. Kane, who comments here occasionally).  You know, I never thought of myself as a YA writer, and I don’t read much YA fiction, but I have sold two YA stories and I’m shopping a YA novel, so hmmm…although, actually, before sending the story to this market I revised down the protagonists’ age from eighteen to sixteen. Yes, you are totally allowed to pander to the market like that. No one will ever know…(unless you broadcast it on the internet).

Additionally, a few months back I sold a story, “Man-Eater,” to a new SF magazine: Nameless. I kind of felt like the market might collapse or something, but I guess I’ve signed the contract so I might as well announce it.

Both of these are stories that I really liked, but which didn’t get much love (i.e. higher-tier rejections) from the various markets that I submitted them to. I’m pleased that they’ve found homes.

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  1. Ben Godby


    Re: Nameless: Anything behind which is S. T. Joshi, can’t be a bad thing. I’ve heard other people worrying their nails over Nameless, but as long as he’s there, I’ll keep submitting, too!

    1. R. H. Kanakia

      Yes, Joshi has a name to conjure with. I’m not too worried about the magazine, if it folds, then so what? I’m really no worse off.

  2. Alex J. Kane

    Congrats! It’s cool that we’ll finally be sharing a TOC.

    That Diverse Energies anthology sounds like it will be a pretty stellar book, as well–definitely gonna have to get my hands on that one. You’re really taking over the world all of a sudden, eh? (Nature, Clarkesworld, Apex, Redstone, Daily SF, IGMS . . .) Color me impressed. 😀

    1. R. H. Kanakia

      Congrats to you too! And this is the story that I saw in draft form, right? It’ll be great to read the final version.

      And yep, I’m definitely having a pretty good year.