December = Wrap-up Season, Baby!

I love all kinds of summarization: epilogues, epitaphs, eulogies, back-cover blurbs, New Yorker profiles, obituaries, the closing arguments in lawyer shows, dramatic monologues in which the villain reveals his plan, quarterly earnings reports, monthly bank statements, lifetime achievement awards, Nobel prize lectures, speeches in the locker room during halftime of the championship game, wedding toasts, Year’s Best collections, Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, the Western Canon, boxes of knickknacks stored on the top shelf of the closet, report cards, rap sheets, resumes, author bios, Wikipedia entries – my god, of course, Wikipedia entries…how was that not the very first item in my list – and paragraph-long scattershot lists of disparate items that serve to define the furthest boundaries of a given category.

But the kind of summarization that I like the MOST is the year-end blog wrapup. And with December coming, it’s wrap-up season, baby.

I’ve been somewhat remiss in writing about all the books I’ve read this year, so I’m planning on subjectively sorting them into somewhat arbitrary categories and giving my little takes on them, and probably divulging my writing stats for the year, etc. All kinds of good stuff like that.

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