Happy Twenty-Fifth Birthday To Me

I turned twenty-five today. Apparently my psyche considers that to be a somewhat big deal, since there is a blog post to mark the spot. My 24th and 23rd birthdays happened after I began this blog. They did not get blog posts. But the 25th gets a blog post. If my life was a marriage, today would be its silver anniversary.

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  1. Alex J. Kane

    Happy Birthday, Rahul! And congrats on the HM at WotF! I think our names were side by side, even. How many does that make for you?

    1. Alex J. Kane

      Epic Fail: the Happy Birthday wish is 4 days late. Apologies.

    2. R. H. Kanakia

      Thanks for the happy birthday wishes. Yes, I saw your name just below mine. Someday our books will be next to each other in bookstores =)

      I’m actually not sure how many HMs this is for me. My spreadsheet is not equipped to keep track of responses other than R and A. I’ve been rejected by them nine times. Some googling indicates that my name has came up on their blog as an HM (including the new one) at least four times, but I also seem to recall at least one Quarterfinalist letter (from back when what is now an honorable mention had a much more confusing name).

      1. Alex J. Kane

        Right you are, Sir! Look forward to that as much as anything.

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