My story, “Death’s Flag Is Never At Half-Mast” is up at Redstone Science Fiction

Well, the magic has ended, my story is off the Clarkesworld front page.

But the magic has begun, my story, “Death’s Flag Is Never At Half-Mast” has gone live in Redstone Science Fiction’s August issue. And it’s the cover story, which is not at all unsweet. In case you missed my previous post, this is the story I wrote as a result of this blog post, entitled Lord Nelson Could Beat Up Your Dad.

And, really, more than anything, it’s my tribute to (and parody of) military science fiction, a genre that I love reading, and would never write.

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  1. Ben Godby


    Another excellent story. Favorite line:

    “Kiss me, Nelson.” Haha.

    Melikes, and melooks forward to the next.



    1. R. H. Kanakia

      Thanks, Ben.

      I like that line as well. Wikipedia definitely makes it easier to pepper your pastiche with a little verisimilitude.