I need about 35-40 more hours in a week

For the past six months or so, during the intermittent periods when I am actually in D.C. my schedule has been to get home circa 7 PM on weekdays, and generally spend the hours from 7 PM to 10-11 reading and eating, and then from 11 PM to 2 PM or so trying to write. The end result being that by Wednesday I am borderline exhausted, and by Thursday I am over the hump and manic/frantic with sleep debt…which I recover in twelve hour chunks over the weekend.

I find this to be a pretty satisfying and productive pace, but blogging is basically last in my list of priorities (behind household repairs and above buying groceries). I do not like this state of affairs! My hope was to make my longish essays on books kind of a semi-regular thing. Unfortunately, each one takes roughly 3 or so hours.

But they seem to get a pretty good response, judging by traffic figures, and I think it would be both professionally beneficial (and extremely satisfying to my ego)  to develop some sort of internet following over the coming years, especially now that I have found a format which I think both suits my talents and is at least mildly interesting. So I am forcibly reinserting blogging into my schedule.

I am going to shoot for one long book post every weekend (probably Sundayish), and one post consisting mostly of several hundred work capsule — well, not reviews — scattered thoughts on the books I’ve read during the past week, which will be accompanied by quotes from said book (the Kindle makes it absurdly easy to extract quotes from things. It is amazing). I will also write this during the weekend, but set it to be posted circa Wednesday. And then I will fill the intermittent space with short little posts like this one.

Just letting you know what is up.

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