Anyone out there?

A cursory look at my blog’s stats indicates that my few, dear readers stopped reading this blog back in September when I stopped writing in it. Of course, that also might be because I shortly started crashing on the couches of all my friends and shouting became a more efficient way of reaching large numbers of them at once.

So I’m saving all the truly witty posts until after I can write them an email guilting them into adding me back into their blog feeds.

P.S. When is this stupid website going to become the top hit for my name.

Rahul Rahul Rahul Kanakia Kanakia Kanakia

Please love me, google.

Rahul Kanakia Rahul Kanakia Rahul Kanakia

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  1. Anonymous

    We love you Rahul

  2. howdoyoulivewithyourself

    I share your feelings about Google. Why can’t I be FIIIIRRSSSSTT??? 🙁

  3. howdoyoulivewithyourself

    also, the “how do you live with yourself” is the name of my blog. it’s not directed toward you.

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