Say ‘No’ to the blog death spiral

So, I hate that part of any online journal, after all the initial glamor fades away, when updates start to begin with “Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written here.” And then there is more and more time between updates, the apologies become longer and longer, until finally you have five-ten posts, spaced over three years or so, that are just apologies for not writing anything.

Well I say bollocks to that, I am far from sorry for not writing here. And I never will be sorry for not writing here. I’m a busy man, I have things to illegally download from the internet, many, many things. And then I must consume these things in order to keep the economy running. Producing things, like blog content, makes me no better than the Mexicans and Indians and Chinese, and all the other people out there stealing our jobs.

It’s too bad third-worlders (even Indians) tend to have such poor English skills. I could hire one of them to write this blog. Actually, I could just hire one to be me. Maybe I should consider doing that. I could get a poor starving engineer to come over and work under my identity (while I didn’t work at all) and just skim off half his salary…it’d be just like Gattaca…

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