I really, really want to buy Ted Chiang’s The Merchant And The Alchemist’s Gate, which is coming out from Subterranean Press. But not even someone as committed to excess as myself can justify spending $14 on 12,000 words that will probably be in every year’s best anthology within twelve months. At least not until I’m drunk…

…that is the sound of me writing a post-it note to myself and pasting it on my computer for the next time I’m drunk.

Yes, I buy books when I’m drunk, alot of them. And I usually don’t regret it. Since even when I’m drunk I usually manage not to hit my overdraft limit. Right now I have only $20 in my account, resulting from just such a spree.

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  1. livia_llewellyn

    Hey, I just found out that “The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate” is being published in the September issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction – the Slushgod just published the ToC. That means you can buy it on fictionwise as an ebook for about half the price of the limited edition copy.

    1. blotterpaper

      I know, I just read that. I felt totally justified in my reticence. Go me.
      ~Rahul K.

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