Oh my god, seven years ago…I was awesome

Okay, so some of you may know that I spent ninth grade in India. There was not really a whole lot to do there, since I took a long time to make friends and my previous outlet (playing computer games) was foreclosed by the abominable slowness of my computer. Not to mention that this high school was absurdly easy. So what I did was stay up until 2-3 AM every night and write reams and reams of notes on the absurdly complicated D&D campaign that I was planning on running online with my friends from home. We ended up playing a session or two, but the amount of words I put down was so far beyond this that I can’t even describe it*. It was like logorrhea.

Now, when I came back home I distinctly remember backing up all my documents and carefully carting them home and putting them on my computer through the magic of floppy discs. However, that was…at least three desktops and one laptop ago. And although I am very careful about saving all my files, it seemed alot to expect for those files to last. I searched though…searched through all my folders in vain…

But just now I was listening to Savage Garden (I had two CDs in India, a Savage Garden album and the Les Miserables soundtrack) at 2 AM (while studying for my finals). I vividly remembered those days, the feel of typing in those things. My excitement every time I downloaded a new Dungeons and Dragons sourcebook from the internet. And I made a stab at using Google Desktop to find those files. And I did, exactly the way I remember them! Haha, this is great! They were tucked away in a folder buried ten levels deep.

Man, the ninth grade me was a genius. Sure, he has poor grammar and a tendency to throw in everything from every fantasy novel that he’s ever read. But so did Ed Greenwood! This is totally great. I know what I’m doing for the next hour.

*I also made up my own gaming system by ramming GURPS and what I could gleam of 3rd edition D&D (which was barely out at this point) together into an unholy and probably unplayable meld. I have lists here of entire worlds. Multiple worlds. Each containing some thirty-forty countries. What the hell was I doing.

EDIT: Reading through my later files, I’m noticing that I really started to capture the tone and format of those old sourcebooks pretty well. Which is not something to really be proud of…except it is, because those sourcebooks were (and still are) awesome fun to read.

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  1. will_ludwigsen

    The great thing about writing gaming materials is that you can be as micro or macro as you want, and they’re more fun to write. It’s a great combination of fiction and non-fiction: fictional worlds written in a non-fictional style. You don’t have to balance dialogue and motivation and other story-things quite as much.
    I love reading gaming materials. My favorites are the GURPS books, largely because they’re so well researched–each of them is a mini-course in their subject. GURPS Space and GURPS Time Travel should be required reading for any sf writer working in those genres.
    I have a whole folder of my own gaming materials on my computer, too–mostly adventures for D&D (3rd) and GURPS. They were a lot of fun to write, and reading them now, I see they’re not badly done.
    Now I use mainly d20 for all of the games I run, just because it is so much simpler to tell players to roll a 20-sided die and add a number than it is to tell them to roll low and subtract modifiers and whatnot.

    1. Anonymous

      I used to love GURPS, because I felt like it covered the relevant material from every possible angle.

  2. bkdunn

    Seems like the *polite* thing to do would be to post a sample. I mean, you know, *seems* like.

    1. alexotica


  3. creamedcorn

    So would you describe yourself as more of a geek than a nerd? Because I call myself a nerd who went through a geeky phase in middle school.

  4. Anonymous

    I believe that I transcend labels.

  5. Anonymous

    About half of the books I’ve bought have been from being on Amazon late at night when I’m drunk out of my mind. I should probably make a tag for my LibraryThing books “bought when smashed”.

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