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After I left Clarion I was like, “I’m going to write in this journal sooooo much more often.” Well, that did not really happen.

As it is, I have a final in eight and a half hours. And it’s going to be terrifyingly bone-crushingly awful. Luckily, it’s literally impossible to fail an Econ final at Stanford (they curve around a B+). Anyway, how is everyone else doing? I finally finished a story around a month ago, and managed to revise a story around the same time. I’m planning on stepping up the pace this summer break. But actually, that’s around par for the course for me. I do nearly nothing during the school year. And next quarter I have a 16 hours / week internship at a local newspaper, so I’m not going to have time for anything…other than you know, drinking and whatnot (you know where my priorities lie).

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  1. grndexter

    Real World econ is more like teenaged driving. It’s about speed and curves and testosterone. Bernanke saw the curves, he assumed the speed, and but had too much testosterone and missed the curve so we’re going into a recession.
    BTW – you heard it here first – interest rates are going DOWN! I give ’em about 6 to 9 months. That’s just enough time for Bernanke (who is now realizing he raised them twice too many times) to claim to have tamed the inflation monster (and fiddle the figures if he hasn’t – but the fed deficit is falling so inflation will also fall, so he’ll look good despite screwing the pooch on the current rates) and to give the excuse that he’s allowing “breathing room” in the economy.

  2. joyfulgirl1013

    When are you coming home? Are you coming home?

  3. crinis

    Doing fine, thanks for asking.
    Don’t go away for too long. We need to have a beer together to celebrate your 21st birthday.

  4. Anonymous

    Do I blasty a both?
    How many?
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  5. alexotica

    Hope your finals went well. Now get back to the fiction.

  6. crinis

    Has the semester/quarter started up again? I could really use a trip to the Rose and Crown. We need to discuss sci-fi/fantasy and what not…over a pint.

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