Well, I am in Vienna, which has alot of two things, public parks and prostitutes. These two things often work in interesting synergy. We were in Amsterdam, which also had prostitutes. But in Amsterdam they were sort of tucked away, not just hanging out on the corner.

My ear has finally cleared up (did I mention that in the last post), so the threat of ear infection and ear drum rupture is gone. I am still coughing, but that seems par for the course for us Clarionites.

Speaking of Clarion, I suffered this terrible idea block in week six that made it extremely difficult for me to even think of things to write (for me, I have to have the right idea before starting). But a few days ago the dam finally burst, and I have been getting tons of ideas. I have roughly a month at home before going back to school (the quarter system is obscene, I know) and I am getting quite excited about writing again.

Oh also, congrats to Will, Livia and Nye on their sales. And I take full credit for Livia’s sale. It was clearly my plethora of insightful critiques that smoothed out the prose and easified the read.

P.S. Shveta, can you tell me where the hell the Ampersand is on this damn german keyboard. I think the Ampsersand is what you call the little (at) sign inside email addresses. I can’t find it, and it is making email quite difficult.

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  1. livia_llewellyn

    It’s true – my writing is nothing without your brilliant insights!

  2. jdeveryhope

    I miss the quarter system. Sometimes I have dreams that my school runs on the quarter system, and I’m so happy, but then I wake up and realize I’m going to school in August, and that most of my classes will be year-long.

  3. but_nooooo

    This is an ampersand: &
    The @ is called “an at sign.”
    Please don’t be sad over getting it wrong 🙁
    Grats on the renewed writing excitement!

  4. crinis

    I couldn’t find the ampersand when I was in France last year. It was very frustrating to cut and paste it from somewhere else whenever I needed it. I finally found it, but it was on the last day there and now I can’t remember where it is.
    See you at Stanfurd!

  5. alexotica

    Whenever I’m on a computer and a key isn’t working, I cut and paste the letter or character from an existing text. Inefficient, but it gets you through the dark computer times.
    Safe and happy travels, Rahul!

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