Days 5 and 6

Well, Friday was our last critique session with Chip. It was fairly interesting, as I recall. I spent most of Friday and Saturday basking in the radiance of not having to critique 30,000 words. (we only have two stories for Monday, totaling less than 5k).

Friday and Saturday were very relaxing, just sleeping for 9-10 hours a day and hanging out with people.I also got a story idea very early on Friday morning, and have managed to put down roughly 4,000 words since then. I’ve been trying to put in more descriptive detail, which has the side effect of making my stories longer. I hope that I am within 2,000 words of the ending, but I’m just not sure. The story is set in a future I’ve thought about for awhile, so there are all these little touches I keep putting in. I might have to take most of those out in revision, since they’re also increasing the wordcount. I hope to have a first draft of the story done by tonight, but then I’ll have to go back and address all the notes I wrote to myself (most of which are much like DESCRIBE THIS THINGY HERE) because I was too daunted to write them at the time. I don’t know when I’ll be ready to turn it in for critique, but hopefully everything will be ready by Tuesday or Wednesday morning.

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  1. mallory_blog

    word counts
    Word counts –
    Do you think the word counts for your critiques on Monday are smaller because these are stories written at Clarion rather than those submitted during the application process? I’ve often wondered if the weeks are relatively the same weight during the course of the workshop with only a day or to here and there with extra or much less to do.

    1. blotterpaper

      Re: word counts
      On Thursday and Friday we had our heaviest wordcounts, and those stories were written (either entirely or in part) at Clarion.

      1. mallory_blog

        Re: word counts
        Oh, interesting – it will be cool to see how that plays out over the entire workshop.